Personal Data Security Advisor
Securing Your Digital Footprint

Kingsland will act as your Personal Data Security Concierge, reining in the chaos and helping you manage the security and privacy of your data. We offer personalized service to understand how you use and manage your data, what your constraints are, and then offer a custom solution. Additionally, we can help you monitor your data for breaches.

Who is this service for?
The Streamline service is for anyone that has a need to lock down the security and privacy of their data. That said, certain high profile individuals may have a particular requirement for this highly personalized service.

Business Executives

Hackers go after the weak link in the chain. Why bother spending time trying to break into a bank's network when you can simply break into the personal accounts of one or more of their Executives, find something embarrassing or incriminating, and then blackmail them to give up their corporate login to the bank?


Repeatedly, celebrities have been the target of hackers, the privacy of their personal data compromised in attempts at extortion.

Additional Security Services Kingsland Offers Include:

Breach Assessment

Kingsland's Breach Assessment examines critical areas of your network, including endpoints and servers to determine if a breach has occurred within your organization. We actively hunt for threats on your network that antivirus and other security tools may have missed. 

Secure Network Redesign

Optimize existing network architecture for security, or augment via additional technologies and policies.

System Hardening

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It's best to prevent malware from entering your network in the first place. We'll tune your PCs, servers, and network devices to reduce their vulnerability surface, and to eliminate as many security risks as possible.  

Security Awareness Training

We can train your employees on security best practices, demystify the jargon, and to ensure that they understand the most significant cyber threats they are likely to encounter, including spam, spear-phishing and phishing, social engineering, and malware. 

Security Awareness Email Campaigns

Kingsland can create a custom e-mail based security awareness campaign for your organization. By providing regularly scheduled e-mail alerts on current cyber threats, as well as reminders of best practices, you'll reinforce effective cyber security habits for your staff.

Security Awareness Materials

Kingsland will create custom security awareness posters and materials for your staff, to cultivate a culture of awareness in your organization. Our Security Awareness Materials are deisgned around topics and themes which are relevant to your staff, offering an engagin way to convey the importance of security best practices. 

Please contact us if you would like to discuss this package further.
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