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Cyber Security is Complex and Ever Evolving. Engage Your Clients' Needs and Candidates'  Backgrounds with Confidence.

Exceed your competition. Engage your clients and candidates. Engender respect from both.

With Kingsland's Pipeline Information Security services for recruiters, we can help you best translate the needs of your clients to match the skills and expertise of your candidates. 

Information Security is a staggeringly broad domain. While generalists do exist with a wide range of knowledge and experience, they tend to operate at the Management level and above, and tend to be jacks of all trades, masters of none (which is what's needed to run an Information Security Department). 

Within the InfoSec realm, there are numerous specialties, each with their own sub-specialties. There are pen-testers, but not all pen-testers understand Secure Code Review. Just the same, a pen-tester specialized in Secure Code Review may not be the best choice for an engagement which requires in-depth knowledge of Secure Network Architecture. 

Understanding these disciplines at a deeper level will benefit your Staffing Organization in two ways. First, it will help you to more quickly identify which of your candidates are truly a fit for a client's opportunity. Secondly, and at least as importantly, it will help generate trust and confidence in your clients and candidates, as you will be able to understand their language, and also avoid wasting their time with roles and prospects that are of no interest to, or a poor fit, for them. 


We can help you accomplish this in two ways:

1)  "What's a DLP? Whose SOX are these?"

Kingsland will train your IT Recruiting Staff to understand the concepts, jargon, trends, professional certifications, compliance and regulatory requirements, and technologies found in the Information Security world.  We'll keep the dialogue engaging and the powerpoint slides to a minimum, as we have found that an involved audience, asking questions and even challenging our assertions, results in a better absorbed, and more comprehensive dialogue. We can come onsite or host a web conference to provide the training. 

2) "Why do these recruiters keep calling me about Pen Testing jobs, I'm a Network Security Engineer!?"

Hire Kingsland on retainer, or on as needed basis, as your trusted Cyber Security Advisor to do the heavy lifting for you and your staffing team. We'll review both your clients' job descriptions and requirements, as well as your candidates' profiles to help you easily understand the needs of both, and to identify the perfect match.

We'll also answer any questions you may have, to help you decipher the jargon and better understand the clients' needs and the candidates'expertise. 

Additional Services:

Breach Assessment

Kingsland's Breach Assessment examines critical areas of your network, including endpoints and servers to determine if a breach has occurred within your organization. We actively hunt for threats on your network that antivirus and other security tools may have missed. 

Secure Network Redesign

Optimize existing network architecture for security, or augment via additional technologies and policies.

System Hardening

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It's best to prevent malware from entering your network in the first place. We'll tune your PCs, servers, and network devices to reduce their vulnerability surface, and to eliminate as many security risks as possible.  

Security Awareness Training

We can train your employees on security best practices, demystify the jargon, and to ensure that they understand the most significant cyber threats they are likely to encounter, including spam, spear-phishing and phishing, social engineering, and malware. 

Security Awareness Email Campaigns

Kingsland can create a custom e-mail based security awareness campaign for your organization. By providing regularly scheduled e-mail alerts on current cyber threats, as well as reminders of best practices, you'll reinforce effective cyber security habits for your staff. 

Security Awareness Materials

Kingsland will create custom security awareness posters and materials for your staff, to cultivate a culture of awareness in your organization. Our Security Awareness Materials are deisgned around topics and themes which are relevant to your staff, offering an engagin way to convey the importance of security best practices.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss this package further.
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