Small Business Security Services
Securing Your Digital Footprint

Your firm may not be holding the trade secrets to a potential cure for cancer, or the schematics to a revolutionary energy source. But criminal organizations, and even state actors, would love to tap into the computing power you have, by taking over the systems on your network, and enslaving them in their botnets to carry out a variety of nefarious activities: DDoS attacks, spam campaigns, ransomware distribution.

So while it's true that your small business may not be in the crosshairs of a targeted attack, the way many Fortune 500 and government organizations are, opportunists are still on the lookout to breach a poorly guarded organization's network and subvert it to their own uses.

The reactive organization addresses security after an incident (virus outbreak, data loss due to ransomware) occurs. This may be due to the perceived expense of proactively managing security, a lack of manpower, and/or limited understanding of the digital threats small businesses face. In some cases, it's due to a lack of priority, or even dismissal, of the need to protect sensitive data, whether that of the business, or of their clients and customers.  

The Baseline Security Service provides a proactive and professionally managed layer of defense against today's cyber threats. By prividing your small business with an affordable, professionally managed suit of security services, we will ensure that your organization's security is not left exposed with door's unlocked, windows open, and alarms unheard. Kingsland will both build the fence and lock the doors, as well as keep an eye on what's happening.

Additional Services:

Breach Assessment

Kingsland's Breach Assessment examines critical areas of your network, including endpoints and servers to determine if a breach has occurred within your organization. We actively hunt for threats on your network that antivirus and other security tools may have missed. 

Secure Network Redesign

Optimize existing network architecture for security, or augment via additional technologies and policies.

System Hardening

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It's best to prevent malware from entering your network in the first place. We'll tune your PCs, servers, and network devices to reduce their vulnerability surface, and to eliminate as many security risks as possible.  

Security Awareness Training

We can train your employees on security best practices, demystify the jargon, and to ensure that they understand the most significant cyber threats they are likely to encounter, including spam, spear-phishing and phishing, social engineering, and malware. 

Security Awareness Email Campaigns

Kingsland can create a custom e-mail based security awareness campaign for your organization. By providing regularly scheduled e-mail alerts on current cyber threats, as well as reminders of best practices, you'll reinforce effective cyber security habits for your staff.  

Security Awareness Materials

Kingsland will create custom security awareness posters and materials for your staff, to cultivate a culture of awareness in your organization. Our Security Awareness Materials are deisgned around topics and themes which are relevant to your staff, offering an engagin way to convey the importance of security best practices.

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