Why Kingsland Security?

Kingsland Security is an independent cyber security consulting firm. We focus on the security needs of individuals, as well as small businesses. Our solutions are customized to your unique needs.

We believe that cyber security, while a serious matter, is portrayed to be far too unapproachable for most folks. It's been our experience that for many individuals and organizations, that they often times shy away from security, because it appears to be overwhelming, and hopeless.

We demystify the headlines and break down the jargon into something a bit less intimidating. Just as importantly, we customize the solution to you, and what your particular needs are. We provide you with the right amount of security given your requirements.

Keith recently helped with evaluating a security product that required both an understanding of the marketplace and technical expertise. Keith was able to dissect the clutter of jargon and the dizzying array of competing products to distill in very clear and precise language the value added by the product and the technical competitive advantage it possessed.


The analysis provided by Keith was critical to understanding the benefits derived from the product and where it fit in the pantheon of security products in the marketplace. Keith’s expertise would benefit any business that needs a comprehensive review of security products/services offered to protect the enterprise coupled with a clear description of the cost and benefits of those options.  


Simha Chandran